Outdoor Chattanooga has spent the last 20 years servicing the outdoor community and supporting the development of this town as an outdoor hub.  We decided this year to look at our progress and the direction we would like to pursue moving forward.  We bring you our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, a visionary blueprint reflecting our commitment to transparency.  We are aware of growing accessibility gaps within the outdoor community. By strategically reducing barriers, enhancing accessibility, and championing inclusivity, the plan charts a course for an enriched outdoor experience in Chattanooga.

“This blueprint represents more than just a plan; it’s a commitment to building our outdoor spaces to be a welcome home for all Chattanoogans and guests,” Says Gail Loveland-Barille, Director of Outdoor Chattanooga, “Through the 5 key strategies identified in this plan, we aim to create a thriving outdoor future. This plan is a testament to our dedication to reducing barriers, enhancing inclusivity, and continuing to build on outdoor recreation as an integral part of Chattanooga’s identity.”


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