The Lost Sea

The Lost Sea is a registered National Landmark and the world’s second largest underground lake after Dragon’s Breath Cave in Namibia, Africa. The lake has a visible surface area of approximately 4.5 acres and a total of 12 acres has been mapped under water.

It is part of a vast cave system called Craighead Caverns that extends underneath a mountain in Sweetwater, TN. The cave contains fossils from the Pleistocene epoch and large volume of crystal clusters.

This family attraction offers guided walking and boating tours through the cave every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Wild cave tours are available for groups by appointment only and includes a regular cavern tour as well as an exciting tour into the undeveloped cave rooms where one crawls through cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies. Contact the Lost Seas directly to learn more.


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Hours and Cost

Open Daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Cost: $11.95 child, $20.95 adult

Pet Friendly



The Lost Sea

140 Lost Sea Rd.
Sweetwater, TN 37874


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