Site Purpose

Public-facing site for Outdoor Chattanooga, describing Chattanooga-area leisure/sports activities and programs.

Detail Functions

Links to locations that support Activities such as hiking or camping, and Programs such as mountain-biking and archery lessons.

Theme and Tools
  • Divi
  • Formidable Forms (Contact Form)
  • Custom plugin “jsimages” (Image grids, see below)
  • Google Maps API
About jsimages plugin

This plugin supports the image grids that link to all the Activities and Programs. It has two variations:

  • page-grid displays the featured image from all “child” pages related to the selected “parent” page. The images form links to the individual child pages.  An example of its use is shortcode: display-page-grid parent-page=”activities”
  • post-grid displays the featured image from all posts related to the selected category. The image links do not transfer to another page. Instead, they open an expanded area within the grid to show the post contents directly on the same page.  An example of its use is shortcode: display-post-grid category=”biking”

Both page-grid and post-grid will do a link to an external site for a given image, if requested. That request is done by entering the external link url into the custom field “external_link” when editing that page/post. The presence of the external link overrides the normal grid behavior for that one image only.

If a site visitor tries to go directly to an activity post, the plugin redirects them to a post-grid of activities in that geographic area, with that activity already expanded and displayed in the grid. It does this by looking for the activity to be related to a category in the “Locations” list defined in Settings…OC Activities Image Grid. It then builds the post grid of all Activities in the Location.  An example is shortcode: display-post-grid category=”central tennessee”


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