May 2021

What a difference a year makes! Last May we were quarantined at home trying to figure out how to navigate an uncertain world and an unknown virus. Graduations were canceled. People were laid off. Businesses, schools, and even the outdoors were closed. This May, there’s a sense of normalcy. Businesses are hiring, schools are in session, graduations and events are happening and the outdoors are fully open! The city has a new Mayor with a new agenda and we’re excited to see what’s coming. May is National Bike Month and we want to encourage our readers to get out and bike more! To do that, we created a family-friendly bike route along the Tennessee Riverwalk complete with recommendations of local places to stop at and grab a bite to eat, a cold drink, or a sweet treat. This may even be the perfect experience to gift your mom on Mother’s Day. Don’t own a bike? No problem! The route begins at a Bike Chattanooga station and there are plenty of stations along the route and around town to give this local adventure spotlight a try. Find that and more in our May 2021 Newsletter!

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