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Maps and Navigation

Google Map: Tennessee River Blueway Launches and Amenities

The TN River Blueway – Amenities by River Mile
471.0 Chickamauga Dam
469.0 Tennessee Riverpark (Launch)
468.0 Rivermont Park (Launch)
467.8 South Chickamauga Creek (Launch)
464.8 Downtown Chattanooga/Maclellan Island (Camp)
464.4 Coolidge Park (Launch)
463.6 Ross’ Landing (Launch)
459.0 Lookout Creek (Camp – Chattanooga Nature Center)
455.2 Williams Island 
453.3 Suck Creek Boat Ramp (Launch)
451.5 Suck Creek
447.7 Pot Point (Camp)
444.5 Prentice Cooper S.F. (Camp)
444.4 TVA Raccoon Mtn. (Launch)
440.0 Sullivan’s Landing (Launch/Store)
432.4 Oates Island (Camp – Seasonal)
431.0 Hales Bar Marina (Camp)
429.0 Marion Co. Park (Camp/Launch)
426.0 TWRA Boat Ramp (Launch)
425.5 Shellmound Rec. Area (Camp/Launch)
424.7 Nickajack Dam


Name and GPS Coordinates for Canoe and Kayak Launch Sites from Dayton, Tennessee through Stevenson Alabama.

Put-In and Take-Out

Google Map: Tennessee River Blueway Launches


Nagivate the Tennessee River System

Navigation Aids on the Tennessee River


Resources for Navigation Charts

Downloadable | Printable Navigation Charts
Nickajack Dam to Chickamauga Dam: Numbers 63 – 68

Commercially produced charts are available at area fishing and outdoor retailers. Shop for “Nickajack Lake” charts.


Overnight Parking
Always lock your car. Leave no valuables. None of these lots are secured.

Greenway Farm (N. Chickamauga Creek, 1 River Mile to Chickamauga Dam)
Free – Call Outdoor Chattanooga for permission (423) 643-6888

Tennessee Riverpark (River Mile 469.0) 
Free – Call The TN Riverpark office at (423) 493-9239 for details.

Outdoor Chattanooga (River Mile 463.6)
Charges May Apply – Call Outdoor Chattanooga (423) 643-6888 for details

Suck Creek Boat Ramp (River Mile 453.3)
Free – Not well trafficked at night.

T.V.A. Raccoon Mtn. (River Mile 444.4)
Free – Not well trafficked at night. TVA rangers patrol occasionally

Sullivan’s Landing (River Mile 440.0)
Free – Not well trafficked at night. Remote area.

Shellmound Campground (River MIle 425.5)
Call Campground Office for permission


Shuttle Service
Scenic City Safari Shuttles and Outfitters
Call or text 423-653-4845


Emergency Contact Information
Any Emergency                        
911 (Be able to tell the dispatcher your location by river mile.)

Hamilton Co. Sheriffs Dept. – Chickamauga Dam to Suck Creek
(River Miles 471- 451.5 approx.)      
(423) 622-0022

Chattanooga Police Dept. – City of Chattanooga
(River Miles 471 – 452 approx.)          
(423) 698-2525

Marion Co. Sheriffs Dept.  
(River Miles 451 – Nickajack Dam approx.)         
(423) 942-5667

TN Wildlife Resources Agency – TN River Law Enforcement    
(800) 262-6704

U.S. Coast Guard                      
(423) 622-2101

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