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CPD Safe Bicycling Initiative

The overall vision of the Chattanooga Safe Bicycling Intiative (SBI) is to keep bicyclists and motorists safe in the City of Chattanooga.

To do this law enforcement will have to be respected and trusted by all segments of Chattanooga’s diverse community, including the bicycling community.

The SBI will educate bicycle riders, motor vehicle drivers and law enforcement in the city concerning the laws which apply to bicycling.

Photo courtesy of Steven Llorca

When people on bikes and in cars are educated on what the laws pertaining to cyclists are, only THEN can they share a mutual understanding of what their responsibilities are to each other.

Bike lanes are parts of roads and streets for dedicated bicycle transportation.

Types of bike lanes
One way lanes
Two way lanes
Protected bike lanes

Sharrows are the most common type of biking lane in the City of Chattanooga. These lanes are for both motorist and cyclist.  They make the motorists more aware of cyclist and indicated the best lane position for cyclist on roadways. These lanes are indicated by a green box containing a white bicycle with two arrows it, painted on the right side of roadways. We have over 40 miles currently with more coming soon.

One way bike lanes are a dedicated cyclist only lane on roadways.  Motorist must yield to cyclists when crossing a bike lane. Motorist and are not allowed to drive in these lanes.
One way bike lanes have a painted white box containing a bicycle and a single arrow, they also have a solid white line on the outside of the bike lane.

Two way bike lanes are cyclist only lanes with two way traffic. These lanes are usually found on one way streets Thereby allowing cyclist to travel in both directions. Two way bike lanes use the same roadway depiction as one way lanes with bike boxes and arrows going in opposite directions of traffic.

Protected bike lanes are lanes  with a barrier such as a curb or on street parking that physically provide seperation and protection of cyclists from motor vechicals. Motorized traffic may not drive or park in protected lanes. The direction of these lanes is indicated by the bike depictions painted on roadways. The arrows indicated the direction of bicycle traffic, ride in the direction of the arrows.

Bike Boxes are lanes designed for cyclists at intersections with traffic lights.
They are designed to decrease cyclists motorist collisions.
They increase the visibility and predictablity of cyclists to motorists.
How do they work?
At a red stop light motor vechicals stop at the white line.  The Green bike box is positioned in front of the white line to allow for bikes to enter this area from the bike lane.  Cyclists enter the bike box from the bike lane, they position themselves on the route they intend to follow once the intersection turns green.


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