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Tennessee Wall (TRAD)

The Tennessee Wall, on the rim of the Cumberland Plateau above the Tennessee River Gorge, is known as one of the premier cliffs in the Southeastern U.S. Miles of hard sandstone offer 600 routes from the 5.5 to 5.13 range of difficulty.

Because the wall faces southwest, the rock face can get extremely hot during most summer months, so the best climbing occurs October – May.

Climbers can access the T-Wall from River Canyon Rd. in the Tennessee River Gorge, approximately one half hour from downtown Chattanooga.

Southeastern Climbers Coalition T-Wall Information

Roots Rated T-Wall Information

Related Activities

Day hiking, backpacking, primitive camping, flat water paddling

Activity Type

Traditional “TRAD” climbing with a very few sport climbing routes. NO TOP ROPE ACCESS

Distance from Outdoor Chattanooga

14 miles | 33 minutes

GPS Coordinates

35.069038 -85.398932

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Open year round except for managed hunt dates in Prentice Cooper State Forest

Number of Routes


YDS Grades


Cliff Layout | Instructions from Dixie Craggers Atlas

“The T Wall is essentially a long cliff band running roughly north/south. The main trail intersects the cliff in the vicinity of a waterfall between the routes Death by Boobalooba and Hands across America. Everything to the left of the waterfall is Tennessee Wall South, and everything to the right is Tennessee Wall North. Most visitors and beginners will hike to the cliff along this main trail.”
-Chris Watford

Recommended Gear

An extensive rack of lead protection gear, including wired stoppers, TCU’s, larger cams up to 4 inches and lots of slings and carabiners.

In Case of Emergency

Marion County Sheriff
Or Dial 911


Yes, there are several campsites in the vicinity, in Prentice Cooper State Forest.

Contact Information

Prentice Cooper State Forest and WMA
3998 Game Reserve Road
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 658-5551

Prentice Cooper State Forest

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