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Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Located in Walker County, near Rock Springs, Georgia this state Wildlife Management Area contains approximately 100 miles of trails and forest service roads that are open to equestrians.

Most trails are situated on the tabletop of the mountain, which is a finger jutting northeast from the Lookout Mountain escarpment.

There are several backcountry campgrounds along the trails and riders will be treated to spectacular views of Lookout Mountain and McLemore Cove to the west

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Related Activities

Mountain biking, day hiking, backpacking, geocaching, hunting, caving, rock climbing

Activity Type

Family, leisure, some challenging terrain

Distance from Outdoor Chattanooga

44 miles | 1 hour, 18 minutes

GPS Coordinates (Sawmill Lake Campground)

34.631160, -85.412277

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No rest rooms, practice Leave No Trace


Dawn to Dusk

Contact Information

Georgia Wildlife Resources Agency (Region 1)
2592 Floyd Springs Rd.
Armuchee, GA 30105
Game Management (Armuchee)
Law Enforcement (Calhoun)
Law Enforcement (Atlanta)

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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