April 2020

Our primary mission is to connect residents and tourists with Chattanooga’s outdoor scene. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, we are temporarily adjusting how and what it means to experience the outdoors in Chattanooga. For now, all of our public programs and group activities are suspended until further notice to adhere to the social distancing recommendations of the CDC and Executive Order issued by the City of Chattanooga. In fact, many organizations have cancelled their public events in response to these orders.


We believe the outdoors can be a place of solace and serenity while offering opportunities for reflection, recreation and connection with nature – all important elements of staying healthy during stressful and uncertain times. Our April 2020 Newsletter offers a comprehensive list of park and public spaces closures, along with resources, ideas, and activities for how you can still experience the great outdoors in the greater Chattanooga region, safely and responsibly during the health crisis. **Please note that the City of Chattanooga and the state of Tennessee issued shelter in place orders for residents at the beginning of April, and most public day-use areas, restrooms, campgrounds, beaches, and recreational sites are closed until further notice. Please check before you go out, plan accordingly and practice Leave No Trace Principles + recommendations for going outside during COVID-19.



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