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Hang Gliding

The mountains surrounding the Chattanooga area are ideal for soaring. The thermals that rise along the Cumberland Mountains allow pilots to hang over the ridges and valleys for miles and miles.

Breathtaking views, wide open launches and the gentle weather conditions of the Southeast make fantastic conditions for beginners and experts.

Chattanooga boasts the largest hang gliding school in the country, Lookout Mountain Flight Park, and the Tennessee Tree Toppers in Sequatchie County, TN hosts a thriving community of amateur and professional pilots.

Tandem hang gliding allows first timers to fly to high altitude with a certified instructor by their side. Tandem flights can begin with a run and a leap off the side of a mountain or with a gentle tow to 2,000 feet from an ultralight airplane.

Those wishing to learn more can take solo, low altitude flights within a half a day.

Chattanooga Area Tandem and Flight Instructors

Going on Glide

Lookout Mountain Flight Park

Tennessee Tree Toppers

Thrill a Minute Sports

Trike Flying

For an extended hang gliding experience, adventure seekers can try a motorized hang glider, or “trike.”

These ultralight aircraft can take off from land or water and allow pilot and passengers an extended flying experience in areas inaccessible to non motorized hang gliders.

Trike/Ultralight Tandem and Flight Instructors

Fly Hard Trikes

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